The UNESCO Chair participated as a panelist at the "Information Session for Member States on Disaster Risk Reduction" event organized by the UNESCO Disaster Risk Reduction Unit, and held at the Paris Headquarters.

The event, finalized for ambassadors and delegations from various Member States, was opened by speeches from the UNESCO Deputy Director-General, Mr. Xing Qu, and the Secretary-General of UNDRR, Ms. Mami Mizouri. During the session, the Chairholder was involved in illustrating the applications of the interdisciplinary approach to disaster risk reduction, highlighting the importance of a holistic approach that includes science, culture, and education.

The Chairholder and the Program Manager also engaged with UNESCO unit specialists on the "Future of Learning and Innovation" and "Culture and Emergency Entity". Among the various initiatives of the Chair, the RESILIENHANCE platform, which involves several chairs on the topic of disaster resilience, and the EUREKA project, aimed at promoting a knowledge arena for intergenerational dialogue on the topic of resilience, were particularly appreciated.