The Chairholder prof. Grimaz presented the Udine Chart at the 9th International Kraft Conference held in Veszprém, Hungary. This significant event marked an important moment in our efforts to promote resilience and safety on a global scale.

The 9th International Kraft Conference

The 9th International Kraft Conference, titled "Kraft in Motion," was a significant gathering organized by the Institute of Advanced Studies (i-Ask) in Kőszeg. This conference, aligned with the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture program, took place in Veszprém, Hungary, from September 14 to 16, 2023. The conference revolved around the theme of cultural heritage-based spatial and urban development, addressing the urban and rural implications of the creative-cultural sector, the challenges of the 21st century, and the search for innovative solutions.

The conference featured distinguished international guest speakers and experts from various professional backgrounds who delivered presentations and engaged in round-table discussions on these crucial topics.

The ResiliEnhance Platform and the Udine Chart

As a culmination of the activities of the ResiliEnhance Platform launch event in 2022, the Udine Chart was produced as a synthesis of the key recommendations from experts. The ResiliEnhance Platform is an initiative of the Central European Initiative (CEI) and our UNESCO Chair, supported by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. The Platform is dedicated to exploring effective strategies for strengthening territorial resilience in the face of adverse events and critical situations in complex contexts.

Resilience and safety enhancement were essential components for societies striving to build sustainable development marked by proactive action and the ability to prevent and address future risks and crises. The ResiliEnhance Platform fostered interdisciplinary and intersectoral exchanges, linking diverse viewpoints, expertise, and knowledge from experts in various disciplines who contributed to resilience.

The ResiliEnhance Platform provided a space for facilitating these exchanges and focused primarily on resilience to disaster risk, acknowledging its pivotal role in managing the challenges posed by systemic risk, climate change, natural hazards, man-made threats, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the increasing complexity and uncertainty of the future.

The Udine Chart acknowledges the importance of resilience in achieving Sustainable Development Goals and addressing complex risks. It highlights the need for intersectoral approaches at various scales and emphasizes knowledge co-creation. The ResiliEnhance platform aims to bridge the gap between science and decision-making, strengthen governance, and promote collective knowledge development. The outcomes will be openly shared to enhance the science-policy-society interface and encourage collaboration with relevant institutions and networks, ensuring ongoing support for the platform's objectives.

Professor Grimaz's presentation of the Udine Chart at the 9th International Kraft Conference underscored our commitment to advancing resilience and safety worldwide.