Building on the momentum of the 2022 ResiliEnhance launch event, we are continuing the collaborative research approach at the base of the ResiliEnhance Platform, through retrospective post-event analyses of real disaster governance case studies using an evidence-based approach.

From November 6 to 7, the first field trip of the ResiliEnhance Platform in the Friuli area focused on the case study of the reconstruction after the 1976 earthquake. Experts analyzed past disaster governance cases using a retrospective post-event evidence-based approach, to develop a comprehensive framework on enhancing resilience to disasters for sustainable development. A final debriefing and greetings from authorities concluded the event.

The field trip, with its headquarters situated at the CISM, encompassed the area that was impacted by the Friuli Earthquake in 1976. The participants of the ResiliEnhance platform analysed real-life disaster governance cases following four narratives, namely:

  1. THE MEMORY: history of an earthquake and its people
  2. USING THE PAST FOR THE PREPAREDNESS: a training and experimentation camp
  3. COMMUNITY-BASED APPROACH: urban choices for the reconstruction
  4. ORGANIZATION FOR RESPONSE: the Regional Civil Protection structure and functions

In the following, some photos from the event: