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Impulsive signals produced by earthquakes in Italy and their potential relation with site effects and structural damage

Journal: Geosciences, Authors: Ertuncay D., Malisan P., Costa G., Grimaz S.


The ARMONIA project aims to tighten collaboration between the civil protection institutions for risk prevention. Through the use of innovative methodologies, it develops a trans-frontier strategy in the management of natural disasters. The development of common protocols allows joint planning and implementation of harmonize actions to accelerate and facilitate the

Seismology applied to engineering

Master's degree course in "Environment and Territorial Engineering" (DM 270/04). Educational objectives : to learn about the origin e physics of earthquakes, the fundamentals of generation and propagation of seismic waves, seismometry and characterization of earthquakes; to understand the meaning and the measuring of ground motion, the seismicity space-time distribution,
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