Master's degree course in "Environment and Territorial Engineering" (DM 270/04).

Educational objectives :
to learn about the origin e physics of earthquakes, the fundamentals of generation and propagation of seismic waves, seismometry and characterization of earthquakes; to understand the meaning and the measuring of ground motion, the seismicity space-time distribution, the seismic action and zoning in the seismic regulations, the seismic local response and the microzonation.

Professor : prof. Stefano Grimaz

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A.a. 2013-2014 ; A.a. 2014-2015 ; A.a. 2015-2016 ; A.a. 2016-2017 ; A.a. 2017-2018 ; A.a. 2018-2019 ; A.a. 2019-2020 ; A.a. 2020-2021.