School Safety

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VISUS Dominican Republic 2023

In the context of the project “Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Built Environment in Latin America and the Caribbean” (BERLAC5 project) in Dominican Republic, the UNESCO Chair researchers are applying the VISUS methodology for the safety assessment of up to 100 schools in Dominican Republic. VISUS will

COP26: UN Climate Change Conference, UK 2021

On the occasion of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference [] (Glasglow-UK, 31 October - 12 November, in partnership with Italy), the GADRRRES []group has prepared a statement that highlights the severe impact of climate change on education.  The statement emphasises the efforts engaged

International Conference on the Safe Schools Declaration

On the occasion of the 4th International Conference on the Safe Schools Declaration [], Albuja, Nigeria (24-27 October 2021), the GADRRRES []group has prepared a statement that highlights the severe impacts of conflicts and attacks on education.  The statement also emphasises the efforts

Implementation of seismic assessment of schools in El Salvador

Journal: International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, Authors: Figueroa E., Malisan P., Grimaz S.

UNESCO Guidelines for Assessing Learning Facilities in the Context of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

VISUS is a methodology developed by SPRINT researchers, that permits to assess the safety of school facilities at regional scale, with the purpose of supporting the definition of pragmatic safety upgrading strategies.


The Chairholder of  the UNESCO Chair of the University of Udine, prof. Grimaz, participated to Model United Nations (MUN) experience simulated during the CFMUNESCO 2018. Grimaz contributed to the event with a lesson on "Natural Hazard and Disaster Risk Reduction. School safety and UNESCO Designed Sites". The CFMUNESCO 2018 was
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