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VISUS Dominican Republic 2023

In the context of the project “Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Built Environment in Latin America and the Caribbean” (BERLAC5 project) in Dominican Republic, the UNESCO Chair researchers are applying the VISUS methodology for the safety assessment of up to 100 schools in Dominican Republic. VISUS will

Impact assessments on buildings starting from seismic ground motion data measured on site

Jacopo Jiritano University of Udine. PhD in "Environmental and Energy Engineering Science []", XXXV cycle. PhD in progress. Supervisor: Prof. S. Grimaz

VISUS methodology

Ensuring the safety of people is one of the main concerns of public administrators in hazard-prone territories, particularly with reference to strategic and relevant major public buildings, such as schools. This requires the definition of a rational and effective strategy for risk reduction based on the level of risk, points

VISUS presented in the UNESCO open learning course: "Resilient Schools and Disaster Risk Reduction Education"

The VISUS methodology is part of the online UNESCO open learning course "Resilient Schools and Disaster Risk Reduction Education", that will start in July 2021. The course aims to strengthen disaster risk management by providing adequate training on school safety planning and implementation in the context of the commitments of
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