The SERM Academy is an international training school concerning the safety and emergency response management. SERM Academy aims at strengthening an integrated system for the emergency management and at improving the cross-border interoperability among civil protection actors.

On May, 7, 2016 the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, the Regional Civil Protection, the Italian National Fire Service, the University of Udine, the “Associazione dei Comuni Terremotati e dei Sindaci della Ricostruzione del Friuli” and the Venzone municipality signed an agreement in order to set up the SERM Academy, and to realize a training camp at Portis Vecchio in Venzone (Udine, Italy).

The Academy takes advantage of the synergic collaboration of the above mentioned actors, and it focuses primarily to meet the training objectives of the Regional Civil Protection and of the National Fire Service, in optics to define an integrated response model.

Within the SERM Academy, innovative technologies and procedures are developed and tested to support the response management to emergencies. In particular, the “iTriage” approach aims at engineering the integrated patrol techniques for the management of emergencies, using innovative methodologies and ad-hoc IT solutions.

Further information and detailed description of the full scale exercises, the i-Triage, and the training camp in Portis Vecchio are described in the SPRINT-Lab website.