16-18 May 2024

A summary of the three-days SERMex 2024 exercise

The SERMex 2024 concluded successfully, offering an important opportunity to test the tools and procedures implemented and tested within the activities of the SERM Academy. Firefighters (VVF) and the Regional Civil Protection of Friuli Venezia Giulia (PCR-FVG) collaborated effectively, showcasing their capabilities in simulated disaster scenarios.

Here is a summary of the three days of the exercise:

Day 1: Focus on earthquake emergency management

The first day simulated an earthquake emergency in the municipality of Venzone, testing the coordination and intervention capabilities of the rescue teams. The operational units worked in realistic simulated scenarios to test response methodologies and procedures, aiming for rapid triage of conditions to manage the emergency.

Read more about the first day (in Italian only).

Day 2: Hydrogeological emergency

The second day saw a simulation of a hydrogeological emergency in the municipalities of Montenars, Tarcento, Magnano in Riviera, Artegna, and their hamlets. Despite the reduced number of personnel due to actual heavy rains, the mixed VVF and PCR teams conducted field surveys using innovative technologies.

Read more about the second day  (in Italian only).

Day 3: Levee surveillance

The third day focused on testing the tools for levee surveillance in the municipalities of Pordenone, Prata di Pordenone, and Pasiano di Pordenone. PCR volunteers simulated real scenarios to improve monitoring procedures.

Read more about the third day (in Italian only).

Each day provided valuable lessons and feedback that will be fundamental in strengthening the response capabilities within the activities of the SERM Academy. The collaboration between technicians, volunteers, and external observers enriched the experience, promoting a continuous learning environment and improvement of operational practices.

For further details on each day, follow the links to the dedicated posts above (in Italian only).