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SPRINT-Lab Safety and Protection Intersectoral Laboratory was set up within the Polytechnic Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Udine, focusing on issues related to safety and protection with a holistic and interdisciplinary approach. The research activities aim at developing decision making support tools and innovative methodologies for a comprehensive risk assessment and management mainly in the following areas: fire and seismic safety, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, crisis and emergency management.

SPRINT-Lab is a technical-scientific point of reference for public and private institutions, and it aims at improving knowledge and practices to guarantee people’s safety and environmental protection.

SPRINT-Lab collaborates with Italian Civil Protection and National Fire Corps in emergency planning and preparedness. It is directly involved as scientific supporter in the system for management of large emergencies at regional, national, and international level.

SPRINT-Lab acts through multidisciplinary expert teams, both internal and external to the University of Udine, if specific issues have to be addressed.

Polytechnic Department of Engineering and Architecture
University of Udine
via del Cotonificio 114 – 33100 UDINE